stefangregory (stefangregory) wrote in sex_column,

Ill try to keep this short as possible.

My gf has an eating disorder, and hates her body. Our sex life started out great, and has now completely died.

I have bought hundreds of dollars in shoes, outfits, and other things to keep our sex life going. But it is dead, and personally, I have had it with not getting any lovin'.

Her eating disorder has had her moody, so she is always acting bratty around me, and many other things besides sex. I know how she acts when her ED aint so bad, and that what gives me hope on our relationship working out. Without the ED, she is loving, caring, cuddly, and the girl I want to marry. Its like Jekyll and Hide.

I think we are both sick of each others sex drive, but care enough about each other that we dont want to give up our relationship.

Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, or questions?

Ill do anything to save this relationship.
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