jacjackitty (jacjackitty) wrote in sex_column,

I want some lovin!

My bf and I have been together, inseparable, for 7 months. Sex was amazing up until about a month and a half ago, when things just kind of died with us. I don't understand what is possibly wrong with him. I have changed my schedule to make more time, I allude to him plenty of times. Maybe he has become self-conscious about his body? We have both been working out like crazy, and we look great! But he can't seem to loose his belly, and complains about it often. I have become the one to do all the work now in bed, and we haven't really switched it up at all in about 2 months. This is really soon to be having issues rite? And why am I, the woman, having an issue with him wanting me? Please someone give me a clue.  
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