stupidrisks (stupidrisks) wrote in sex_column,

he keeps falling out

My new fuckbuddy and I seem to have a problem with him falling out during sex. We've done missionary (him on top, me on top), we tried cowgirl (didn't really like it) and doggy style (I *LOVE* doggy style, but he dislikes it because he can't see my chest)--it just seems like we'll both be thrusting and he'll suddenly fall out and thrust over my stomach.

It makes me feel self-conscious. He's super gorgeous and athletic, while I'm a little out of shape--about ten pounds heavier than I was in college. Sometimes I feel self-conscious about this, because I just have a hard time reading him and sometimes it just doesn't seem like he's that into the sex.

When I've asked him about what makes him feel good, he just shrugs. He isn't nearly as experienced as me, mostly because he's super busy and also really shy. 

I was kind of hurt because tonight, after he fell out three times, he rolled over and fell asleep. :\ I've never been bad at sex. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I don't know what to do.
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