justin (misternyc) wrote in sex_column,

my girlfriend and i

so me and my girlfriend have been together for 3 and a half years now and have been having sex for about a year and a half my problem is she receives no pleasure at all from sex and it annoys me and makes me feel weird just "fucking" her as she lays there and just watches me usually girls are in they're own zone during sex and its awkward that she just stares up at me while I'm doing what I'm doing also she dries up and it hurts me
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Have you asked her what she likes while you're being intimate? Maybe longer foreplay?
He's right, the more open you two are about what you guys are into, the more it helps you both enjoy the act. Communication is key, no matter how embarrassing or ashamed you might be of your desires. Nothing should be taboo or weird if you guys love each other enough. Try to get that out of her, make her feel comfortable telling you and what ever you do, don't judge her. Try new shit bro. Make compromises. Who knows, you might find something you like as well.