starknakedsoul (starknakedsoul) wrote in sex_column,

Do Players ever fall in love?

Does anyone know any major players that gave it all up because they fell in love with a certain girl? If they did what was it about that certain girl that caused them to give it all up? I had a player have a major crush on me but since I knew who he was I did not play his game. He is a pro and can pick up any girl. He stays with some for more than a one night stand to a year that I have noticed (probably cheats on them) but I do not believe he is capable of falling in love. I fell for him but did not act on my feelings because of his male slut atitude. Girls fall madly in love with him all the time and he has crushed the ones that wanted more than fun. He's in his 40 and can pick up any girl from 18 year olds to old. He has made it very clear to me he wants a sexual relationship but I have no idea if he would want me for a one night stand (I don't sleep around and am not very experience) or for more than that. He doesn't seem interested in being friends at all only lovers. It's very confusing. Why can't he be friends? 

I'm wondering if it ever gets to be boring to pick up almost any girl that you want to have sex with especially after you have been doing this for about 25 years.  I would really like insight into this and get some male opinions.

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